The Magic

The textiles you find here are museum-quality works of art made with love and care by women who have dedicated their lives to the nearly-lost art of traditional handweaving: the tessitrici artigianali of Sardinia.

Woven one at a time, on looms powered entirely by hand and foot, these unique textiles are technically precise, astonishingly beautiful, and possess an unquantifiable essence that serves as a portal to something we seek yet may not be able to describe.

This indescribable quality is invisible in a photo, yet the essence and true beauty of a handwoven textile becomes tangible when you hold the weaving in your hands—and even when you see the textile across a room. You feel the anima, the spirit of the weaver, present in every article she weaves.

Yes, the anima of art, the artist, the culture is present in all art. And that the weavers and textiles featured here are Sardinian is a crucial element of the incommunicable essence of their quiet splendor. 

Sardinia is an ancient and powerful land, as overlooked and understated as her handweavers. The spirit, the strength, the wisdom, the nature, the beauty, and the history of the island are beyond words. This ineffable anima of Sardinia is present in the the food, the ancient buildings, the stories, the art, the weavings— and every moment and every act of Sardinia’s people. 

Sardinian Arts and this website seek to bring this to you.

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