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Documentary Film

The documentary I Want to Weave the Weft of Time (Tessere le Trame del Tempo), produced by our founder Kelly Manjula Koza, explores the skills, patience, and artistry of Sardinia’s hand weavers, the tessitori artigianali. Traditional hand weaving, an art which was nearly lost and for many years has been invisible and unvalued, is thriving in the Frongia women’s unique studio. They are among the few who continue to weave by hand in the ancient pibiones tradition. Their art requires great engineering skill, mathematical ability, patience, and physical dexterity. The textiles they create are unparalleled, and a testament to the Frongia’s skill and commitment to preserving this art form.

The video features the acclaimed traditional Sardinian handweavers Isa Frongia, her mother Susanna Frongia, and cousin Anna Maria Pirastu, as well as Bruna Cossu, an architect who has returned to Sardinia to reclaim her spirit and learn the art and ways of the tessitori artiginali,

The trailer is below; the full film (29 minutes) is available on Vimeo.

If you would like to schedule a screening and director’s talk for your school, weaving guild, store, or group, please contact us.

Kelly’s heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful original musical score goes to composer Ruth Mendelson
and the musicians:

  • Lauren Passarelli, Guitar
  • Michael Ripoll Diego, Guitar
  • Miguel Rodriguez, Guitar
  • Shawn Tubbs, Guitar
  • Josquin Des Pres, Bass
  • Tommy Aros, Drums and Percussion
  • Lucy Pope, Violin
  • Beth Welty, Violin
  • David Siegel, Violin
  • Diego Mondrogan, Violin
  • Neo, Vocals
  • Ruth Mendelson, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards

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Textiles © Laboratorio Tessile Artigianale Isa Frongia | Photos © Kelly Manjula Koza