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Welcome to Sardinian Arts!Fine Handmade Sardinian Textiles

We don’t just sell art. We sell heart.

The invisible essence of the handmade is what we lack and crave in the modern world — even if we don’t understand “what’s missing”.

Handmade textiles — like homemade food — have an indescribable quality. That quality is love, the care and heart of the weaver. This quality is invisible in a photo. To most people, the essence of a handwoven textile is apparent only when you have the item in hand. For some, we can sense when an item is handwoven from across a room. There’s a light, a glow, a quality of love, care, and warmth that radiates from hand woven pillow, table runner, or rug.

I bring you only these textiles woven with love, made by the few remaining professional women who weave entirely by hand in Sardinia’s weaving capital.

These weavings are truly hand made, on looms powered entirely by hand and foot. The weavings are made with care, attention, and respect for the old ways. Each row of every textile is woven and beaten (tightened) by hand. The women weavers love their art, and their love is woven into every fiber of every textile. The energy and feeling of their art is tangible.

The women work with heart. Sardinian Arts also works with heart: Most of the sales price goes back to the women; their work is sustainable, and I work to maintain fair trade and increase respect for their art and heritage.

I’ve traveled — and travel — Sardinia to meet with the weavers. I’ve been in the studios of the true hand weavers — and in the power loom shops and in the mills. I understand the quality, the intrinsic nature of the handmade and the textiles that carry this. I can help you choose a handwoven rug, a table runner, a bag, a bedspread, a textile that brings the invisible essence of the handmade to you, warming your home as well as your heart.

When you purchase a textile from Sardinian Arts, you acquire a textile that carries the indescribable essence of the handmade, a work of heart, a work of art — and you support sustainable, fair trade of a nearly lost art maintained by a few strong women determined to preserve their culture and heritage.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more or purchase an item.

Handweaving: The ArtIsa's Hands working

Traditional Sardinian handwoven textiles are uniquely beautiful in their design and creation. The artistry is apparent, and your appreciation grows when you understand how the weavings are created, and you see the care, love, and attention the women put into their art.
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The WeaversSardinian Weavers Isa, Susanna and Maria

Isa Frongia and her studio are the gold standard among a little-known group of artists whose craft is rapidly fading.
A third-generation Sardinian weaver, Isa, along with her mother Susanna and cousin Anna Maria, produce textiles entirely by hand, using traditional methods, looms, and patterns. Their work is truly museum-quality.
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Handmade Sardinian TextilesOur Catalog

We offer a selection of the finest fully-handcrafted textiles from the third-generation weaver respected as the gold standard in Sardinia’s weaving capital. Sardinian Arts brings you their weavings, ensuring the women are paid fairly and working to support their art and heritage.
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SardiniaPortobello Tower in Sardinia

There’s absolutely no way to describe Sardinia’s magnificence.
The land, the sea, the people; the traditions; the food, art, and culture: all are diverse, beautiful, and unique. Read more…

Sardinian Arts, Inc.Handwoven Textile Detail

Sardinian Arts was born out of great appreciation and respect for the art of handweaving, Sardinia, and the tessitori artigianali, the women who maintain the art of traditional Sardinian handweaving.
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Documentary FilmSardinian weaver at work

The 30-minute documentary I Want to Weave the Weft of Time (Tessere le Trame del Tempo) shows how the tessitori artiginali weave, preserve artistic tradition, and play a vital role in society. View the film and the trailer online.
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Textiles © Laboratorio Tessile Artigianale Isa Frongia | Photos © Kelly Manjula Koza