These textiles are made with love and care by women who have dedicated their lives to the almost-lost art of traditional handweaving. These weavings are made one at a time, on looms powered entirely by hand and foot.

These unique weavings carry the invisible essence that’s a doorway to something we lack and crave in the modern world.

Handmade textiles — like homemade food — have an indescribable quality. That quality is love, the care and heart of the weaver. This quality is invisible in a photo. To most people, the essence of a handwoven textile is apparent only when you have the item in your hands. For some, we can sense when an item is handwoven from across a room.

There’s a light, a glow, a quality of love, care, and warmth that radiates from hand woven pillow, table runner, or rug.

The few remaining professional handweavers you’ll meet here work without the use of power looms. This is rare, even in Sardinia, for handweaving is difficult and time-intensive. The process and life of a hand weaver makes the artist inseparable from her art.

The weavings are made with care, attention, and respect for the old ways. Each row of every textile is woven and beaten (tightened) by hand. The women weavers love their art, and their love is woven into every fiber of every textile. The energy and feeling of their art is tangible.

These women work with heart and care. So does Sardinian Arts.

I’m personally committed to ensuring most of the sales price goes back to the weavers, the traditional designs and methods are protected, and that respect for Sardinian arts and heritage increases. It’s fair trade, sustainable trade, and more.

I’ve traveled — and travel — Sardinia to meet with the weavers. I’ve been in the studios of the true handweavers — and in the power loom shops and in the mills. I understand the quality, the intrinsic nature of the handmade and the textiles that carry this.

I can help you choose a rug, a table runner, a bag, a bedspread, a textile that brings the invisible essence of the handmade to you, warming your home as well as your heart.

When you purchase a textile from Sardinian Arts, or directly from the weavers mentioned here, you bring into your home  a textile that carries the indescribable essence of the handmade, a work of heart, a work of art — and you support sustainable, fair trade of a nearly lost art maintained by a few strong women determined to preserve their culture and heritage.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more or purchase an item.